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Research and Education Networks play a vital role in connecting our state’s esports community, both through physical networking and collaborative approaches. Merit has begun a number of initiatives to support these efforts.

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Why choose Merit for Esports connectivity? We have the best network in Michigan.

Leveraging Merit’s network can help your organization take the lead in Michigan’s esports community. With 120+ collective years of high-capacity network service experience, .999 availability and direct peering with popular game network servers at three points of presence, our resilient network gives you a competitive edge.

The Merit Network: Merit’s network offers near symmetrical upload and download speeds with low latency and low jitter, making it ideal for gaming.

Merit’s Network and Esports: How Do We Stack Up?

Esports Community of Practice: GAME (Gaming, Academics & Michigan Esports) brings together peers to discuss the emerging esports landscape and to collaborate, share best practices, and solve pain points as a group. This community of practice provides both an online forum and quarterly meetings with in-person and remote attendance options.

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Educational Events and Resources: Educational events, webinars, and community meetings hosted by Merit provide ongoing opportunities to collaborate and learn from national leaders in the esports, networking and communications industries.

The Merit Member Conference will feature a number of esports related educational sessions, including a keynote panel discussion examining the statewide initiatives and the breadth of esports impact on our students, educational institutions and public and private organizations.