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Merit Network has been a networking innovator since it was formed in 1966 to provide "computer-sharing" between Michigan State University, University of Michigan and Wayne State University. For nearly 50 years, Merit's network has sparked collaboration and ground-breaking research.

From the initial 2.4 Kbps "host-to-host" connections, Merit's network has evolved to encompass a 10 Gbps facilities-based core network. Utilizing dark fiber, Merit has deployed CWDM and DWDM optical equipment to light and operate a state-of-the-art network across Michigan. With the completion of the REACH-3MC fiber optic project, Merit's facilities-based network will total over 3,900 miles in length.

Merit provides Michigan's research and education institutions with a cost-effective network that has the necessary capacity and engineering performance to support high-bandwidth applications, such as distributed computing, distance/interactive learning, large-scale data transfers, videoconferencing, telepresence, virtual laboratories, remote instrumentation and digital libraries.

Merit's network supports the needed bandwidth requirements for health care, higher education, government, K-12 education, and other non-profit organizations. The network is designed to support cloud services and Internet-based applications for organizations of any size.

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Michigan's Internet2 Connector

Internet2 is a consortium of over 200 universities formed to develop and deploy the advanced network applications and technologies required for tomorrow's education and research institutions. Merit is Michigan's only connection to Internet2. In this role, Merit provides access in Michigan to Internet2's national high-speed research and education network backbone.

Merit was one of the first state education networks to receive designation as an Internet2 Sponsored Educational Group Participant (SEGP). Through this program, Merit serves as a conduit to Internet2's many working groups and initiatives for Michigan institutions. While several Michigan universities are Internet2 members, Merit provides access to its eligible Member institutions via the SEGP program.

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