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Re: Turkey has switched Root-Servers

  • From: Christopher L. Morrow
  • Date: Tue Sep 27 17:38:00 2005

On Tue, 27 Sep 2005, Peter Dambier wrote:

> Christopher L. Morrow wrote:
> > I'm confused by the reasoning behind this public-root (alternate root)
> > problem... It seems to me (minus crazy-pills of course) that there is no
> > way for it to work, ever. So why keep trying to push it and break other
> > things along the way?
> Paul Vixie has given very good arguments.

paul often does, yes.

> Let me add a design fault:
> >
> The Public-Root has got 3043 domains. ICANNs root has got only 263.
> There is a political design problem with ICANNs root. It has not got
> enough toplevel domains.

'not enough'... how much is 'enough'? by your calculations or mine or
pauls or G.W. Bush's?

Is your problem that it takes X months/years to get a new TLD put into the
normal ICANN Root system? Or is it that you don't like their choice of
.com and want .common (or some other .com replacement?). There is a
process defined to handle adding new TLD's, I think it's even documented
in an RFC? (I'm a little behind in my NRIC reading about this actually,
sorry) Circumventing a process simply because it's not 'fast enough'
isn't really an answer (in my opinion atleast) especially when it
effectivly breaks the complete system.

> DNS was designed as a tree. It was designed decentralised.
> DNS today has degenerated to a flat file like /etc/hosts was.

uhm, how so? certainly the tree and decentralized functions still exist.

> It is no longer decentralised but stored mostly in a single registry.

huh? how so? Because 25M of the 35M 2nd level domains are in .com? isn't
that more a function of 'everyone knows' than anything
else? I can't get people inside my company to realize (well, couldn't when
it mattered to me) remeber that my email address was chris@uu.NET ... they
always wanted to send to

.COM got more registrations simply, it seems to me, via marketting.

> No wonder that some people try a Public-Root that is independent but
> compatible to ICANNs root. They do it since about 1995. They never
> stopped. The name changed. The players mostly did not. With every new
> version of this Public-Root compared to the Monopoly-Root, the number of
> players gets more. The number of customers gets more.

people love crack, it's still not a good idea to smoke it.

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