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Re: Blocking certain terrorism/porn sites and DNS

  • From: Hyunseog Ryu
  • Date: Thu Aug 18 06:43:09 2005

Who's going to judge whether it is good or bad?
There is a lot of different point of view, and we couldn't know whether it is good or bad until the website is launching.
I don't think this will resolve anything for anti-terrorism.
Terrorism is judged by government viewpoint, and they have the power to order ISP to stop the site
when they need.
This is not the technical issue at all.
A terrorist may be the hero for other country, and there is no way to make this as global practice.

Some country may have different meaning for AlQaida by their language or local customs for an example.

Even if this is enforced, people can do host the site under or some public web hosting site.
So do we want to kill the domain because of one user's activities?

I'm not saying that terrorist activities is acceptable, but this should be done by local government law and followed
by legitimate procedure, not by technical/operational practice.

I'm sure any registry can remove the domain if there is the reasonable request by the internal procedure or local government law or court order.

Abhishek Verma wrote:

If we, is the US department of commerce, the answer is probably yes.

The only operational significance, is that there is no way easy way of
estimating in advance the effect of removing valid DNS information from the
system, unless you are the administrator of the system concerned (and even
then mistakes happen - not when I do it of course<cough>).

i.e. It may be that a nameserver called "" supports domains in
a completely different TLD, like "", which belongs to an
important organisation or service.

Okay, so i am not talking about blocking or removing a name server. I
am talking of removing that offending entry (like from
the whois database or whereever the central database is mantained.

That said spammers routinely have domains, and nameservers, removed with very
little if any damage to legitimate Internet users.

The real question is should we, words don't kill people, people kill people.


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