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Re: Traffic to our customer's address( seems blocked by pa cket filter

  • From: Fergie (Paul Ferguson)
  • Date: Wed Aug 03 23:51:13 2005

Mea culpa: I meant "a few /16's" as opposed to "2"...

No flames, it's too late...

- ferg

-- "Fergie (Paul Ferguson)" <> wrote:


This sounds very much like a bully -- 2 /16's are a major
problem, as opposed to a single /8?

Where is the major heartburn in this particlualr case?

I could understand if here were lots of farctured
annnounced space (granted: I haven't checked this yet),
but what's up with that?

- ferg

-- Philip Smith <> wrote: said the following on 4/8/05 12:03:

FWIW, if you don't announce your aggregate, do not be surprised if you
experience continued disconnectivity to many parts of the Internet. Some
SPs notice that SoftbankBB have received 126/8, so will likely filter as
such. Leaking sub-prefixes may be fine for traffic engineering, but this
generally only works best if you include a covering aggregate.

Try including your /8 announcement and see if this improves reachability
for you.

Out of curiosity, why pick on a /16 for traffic engineering? Most people
tend to analyse traffic flows and pick the appropriate address space
size as a subdivision. Or do you have 256 links to upstream ISPs and
need that level of fine-tuning?

best wishes,


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