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RE: "Bandwidth Advisors" -

  • From: Cameron Jones
  • Date: Fri Mar 25 11:45:13 2005

I've worked with Aaron from BandwidthAdvisor several times over the past
few years. He's a top notch guy, with a great list of providers and
clients. He's simply an independent agent, and gets paid for bringing
business to your door. In my opinion you can't ask for a lot more than
guys out there in the field pushing your products for you, with no
guarantee of even a base salary. Aaron has a great international
network, and is very well known in the Seattle area.

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To: Hannigan, Martin
Subject: Re: "Bandwidth Advisors" -

Hannigan, Martin wrote:
> They're brokers. There's really nothing wrong with what they
> are doing, although they may not have explained it to you too
> well.

I guess not.

> What they do is become an agent, or reseller, for a company and
> they get a residual on anyone they refer. So if you are a corp IT
> guy and you have no clue as to who's out there and what the prices
> are, these kinds of services "can" be useful. Almost everyone will
> give someone a residual for a referral, but you have to ask. :-)

Brokers are one thing.  Consultants or "advisors" are another thing.  I 
don't see anything on their web site that labels them as "brokers".  I 
do see under their FAQ...

	Q. How does Bandwidth Advisors get paid?

	A. Bandwidth Advisors receives a small residual payment from the
	   Telcos once the Client begins paying for the service.

Nice to see it there.

I know a bunch of consultants out there (me being one, Bill Woodcock, 
etc.) that do not take money from vendors they recommend.  How can a 
client of a consultant really know they have the best deal when the 
"consultant" will not investigate all of the options out there?

For those that don't know... I am now the COO of UnitedLayer.  It sounds

like, since I am not going to pay the "extortion" fee to Bandwidth 
Advisors, that their consultants won't know about our pricing and 
services.  Even if I did pay the fee, that means that their clients 
can't get the best deal as I need to raise my fees to client to cover 
the "small residual payment" going to "Bandwidth Advisors".

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