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Re: DSL and/or Routing Problems

  • From: Scott Weeks
  • Date: Tue Mar 30 16:42:12 2004

On Tue, 30 Mar 2004, Joe Maimon wrote:
: wrote:
: >Greetings NANOGers,
: >
: >Yesterday we starting noticing long delays on an ADSL connection.
: <snip>
: Assuming it is not your ISP or that the telco is the ISP.
: Dont believe them. Tell them to reset the port. Tell them to change the

NETAT!  Never Ever Trust A Telco!    test, test and test some more on your
side and then demand they do the same.

I have even had to troubleshoot their network.  I did the above and then
when it still didn't work everyone (my boss, my boss' boss, data center
techs and the same level of telco folks all got on a conference call for
The Big Blame Party.  It was, once again, their fault.


: pairs. Tell them to switch your line to a different port on the dslam.
: Tell them to put you into a different CO. Tell them to dispatch a
: technician to test your line "at the nid". Get a FTP server with good
: connectivity on the internet and upload/download to it, measuring your
: speed. Show the telco low bandwidth and packet loss. Do some flood
: pinging (carefully).
: Test the line with a cheap linksys or netgear or smc or dlink or similar
: "broadband" residential router with ADSL modem (or even software [google
: for raspppoe for windows, linux has pppoe software available as well -
: if thats what your setup uses]).
: Spend a few dollars and get ADSL on another phone line if that all does
: not work.
: For the money they make off a ADSL line, a Telco is unlikely to do more
: than run the standard automated web testing thingy and say "Everything
: fine here!" and hope you dont call back and cost them more. That makes
: sense. The more support time and expertise expended on you, the less
: profit generated for them by your business.
: I cant count the number of "Tests perfectly!" that get resolved
: mysteriously inside the telco after some more harrasment. Furthermore,
: our experience on average is that the more the line costs per month, the
: better service you get on it. Typicaly with any large amount of
: circuits, you will find the right people in the telco who actually give
: a damn about you and can "get things done"
: Joe

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