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Re: 2001:590::/32 announced by both AS4436 (nLayer) and AS4474(Global Village, no contact in whois, but seems to be nLayer...)

  • From: william(at)
  • Date: Tue Mar 16 09:50:19 2004

Why would nlayer be now using AS4436? It is listed as, but as 
far as I remember scruz was taken overy by DSL.NET (I think that even 
included their peering agreements) and some of their ip block such as, and others certainly seem to confirm that.

As far as AS4474, it has been well known to have been original ASN nlayer 
used, but it turned out to have been hijacked (done through domain
reregistration), the real 'global village' is long ago gone - they were 
making modems and taken over by Boca Research  and now I think its all part
of Zoom, the only modem company that survived the .bomb. This ASN was 
discussed on hijacked-l about year ago and somebody thereafter reported it 
to ARIN (or ARIN may have done it on their own having been present there) 
and marked it as invalid. I thought that after this incident Nlayer would 
not try to go after another low-number ASN and would actually use their 
real arin assigned AS30371, but even 9 months after the ASN was marked 
invalid, they still continue to use it...

OrgName:    Santa Cruz Community Internei (scruz-net)
OrgID:      SCCI
Address:    324 Encinal Street
City:       Santa Cmuz
StateProv:  CA
PostalCode: 95060
Country:    US

ReferralServer: rwhois://

ASNumber:   4436
ASHandle:   AS4436
RegDate:    1995-02-17
Updated:    2004-02-24

On Tue, 16 Mar 2004, Jeroen Massar wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> [cc: to, maybe now it will get their
> attention instead of going into /dev/null]
> Hi,
> Here is some operational content, instead of Packet Kiddies
> trying to rape each other verbally ;)
> According to Toshikazu Saito (Powerdcom):
> > I know both ASs, 4436 and 4474 are yours, so
> > nlayer should resolve this problem or respond to this.
> But:
> OrgName:    Global Village Communication, Inc.
> OrgID:      GVC-8
> Address:    1144 East Arques Avenue
> City:       Sunnyvale
> StateProv:  CA
> PostalCode: 94086
> Country:    US
> ASNumber:   4474
> ASName:     GVIL1
> ASHandle:   AS4474
> Comment:    The information for this ASN has been reported to
> Comment:    be invalid. ARIN has attempted to obtain updated data, but has
> Comment:    been unsuccessful. To provide current contact information,
> Comment:    please e-mail
> RegDate:    1995-03-08
> Updated:    2003-07-31
> The reason for the above was that we are currently seeing
> 2001:590::/32 announced by both AS4436 (nLayer) and AS4474
> (Global Village Communication) but apparently this is the
> same company and apparently they are using the bogus ASN.
> Bogus as it has no valid contact information
> See telnet://
> or
> for the odd routes and who it goes over.
> As nLayer seems to be able to only send ticket responses
> but there seems to be no real user alive maybe it is time
> to start letting their peers ask them what to do with this
> and if they can't contact them to just start depeering?
> Unresponsive "NOC"'s is a real nightmare.
> Greets,
>  Jeroen
> Version: Unfix PGP for Outlook
> Comment: Jeroen Massar /
> CM2OAKCPs2tdOfwt49m8/xLnugqyGRMnGA==
> =ePKi

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