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Re: External (not in the same domain) name server

  • From: Stephen J. Wilcox
  • Date: Tue Mar 02 19:43:47 2004

> And now the problem with some registrars (or is it the same with all
> of them):
> Does only allow to use "registered hosts" as name servers in .com and
> .net domains. If the name server host is in com or net domain and it
> is not in the same domain, it needs to be a registered host which
> basically means that it has to be (or have been) a NS of its SLD with
> glue record (an A record). But for example, any .fi ending (Finland)
> host name can be entered as a name server and it gets automatically
> "registered" without an A record.
> Same as but doesn't allow foreign (like .fi) host names as
> name servers if they have too many dots in the host name.
> I didn't dare to try Network Solutions because it was very slow last
> time I tried the WWW interface.
> To summarize:
> I have read this <URL:>
> and understand that point of view.
> Am I trying accomplish something which is not really needed or would
> such an approach be useful in some situations?

Hmm let me see, our .net domain has glue records set up for the nameservers...
all domains we register use those nameservers. No problem.

Your variation if I understand it is you dont wish to use those addresses you
want to use a subdomain to which your point is perfectly okay that one
references the other and the other has glue in place. 

So you are saying that these registrars only allow you to register against
nameservers which have glue records? 

Seems kind of a silly restriction as this would appear to be how ccTLDs resolve 
(which require recursion to find the cc nameservers and the glue there etc).. I 
guess the obvious answer is as these are your domains dont use registrars who 
impose such restrictions on you?

Just looking thro what you're doing tho, I dont follow that the ns* 
nameservers have a reduced load, also its not clear what the gain is in this 
setup when DNS loads are so small anyway?


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