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RE: The impending DDoS storm

  • From: Darren Richer
  • Date: Thu Aug 14 14:37:43 2003

Assuming cable operators have enabled:

cable source-verify
cable source-verify dhcp

for Cisco IOS based CMTSes, spoofing in the same subnet will be dropped at
the CMTS.  Other vendors have similar features to mitigate this possibility.
The worst a cable operator would likely from this see is some upstream
saturation since the packets aren't dropped until the CMTS.


Darren Richer
Director of Telecommunications
Persona Communications Inc.

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Michael Painter
Sent: August 14, 2003 2:16 PM
Subject: Re: The impending DDoS storm,7652257~root=security,1~mode=flat;sta

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From: "Josh Fleishman" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2003 5:24 AM
Subject: RE: The impending DDoS storm

> Has anyone determined a method for triggering the DOS attack manually?
> We've attempted this by changing an infected machine's clock, however it
> did not work on our test box.  If anyone has triggered the attack, do
> you have a copy of the sniffed data stream?
> It sounds like uRPF is going to be of very little benefit to blocking
> the attack if the spoofed addresses come from the infected host's
> subnet/parent subnet.
> -Josh
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> From: [] On Behalf Of
> Mark Vallar
> Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2003 7:18 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: The impending DDoS storm
> Jack Bates Wrote:
> > I have no affiliation with Microsoft, nor do I care about their
> > services or products. What I do care about is a worm that sends out
> > packets uncontrolled. If there is the possibility that this "planned"
> > DOS will cause issues with my topology, then I will do whatever it
> > takes to stop it. The fact that user's can't reach
> > is irrelevant.
> >
> There will most likely be issues with a lot of networks.
> I had a glimpse of what is to come on the 16th on Tuesday.  We have a
> firewall customer that had an infected machine behind the firewall and
> the RTC clock was set incorrectly to 8/16.  The firewall was *logging*
> ~50 attempts per second trying to connect on port 80 to
> Since the worm was sending from a spoofed source
> address the firewall was denying the packets.  This customers network is
> a /24 out of traditional Class B space and I was seeing random source
> addresses from almost every IP out of the /16.
> This is not a forensic analysis, just what I observed in the firewall
> logs.
> Is it a coincidence that 8/16 is a Saturday....I think not.  A lot less
> personal on-site to deal with possible issues.
> -Mark Vallar

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