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Re: Complaint of the week: Ebay abuse mail (slightly OT)

  • From: Richard D G Cox
  • Date: Mon Aug 04 14:52:41 2003

Valdis Kletnieks <> wrote:
> 1) What *immediate* benefits do you get if you are among the first to
>      deploy? (For instance, note that you can't stop accepting "plain old
>      SMTP" till everybody else deploys).

The immediate benefit (as sender) is that you reduce the (now ever-increasing)
risk of your mail being rejected by filtration processes and will be trusted
on arrival; the benefit for the recipient is of course less junk!

However you CAN stop accepting "plain old SMTP" right away, because you can
delegate that to a filtration service that hosts your old-style MX, applies
ever-increasingly stringent filtration rules, and then forwards to you using
the new protocol. Several such filtrations services may well appear when the
time is right.

> 2) Who bears the implementation cost when a site deploys, and who gets
>    the benefit? (If it costs *me* to deploy, but *you* get the benefit,
>    why do I want to do this?)

Both parties get benefits which seriously outweigh the costs!

> 3) What percentage of sites have to deploy before it makes a real
> difference, and what incremental benefit is there to deploying before that?

To some extent the concept is already here, and deployed, whether using
in-house filters or remote-MX, to subject the unauthenticated mail - which
of course is currently ALL the mail - to appropriate filtering.

> (For any given scheme that doesn't fly unless 90% or more of sites do it,
> explain how you bootstrap it).

That is a very valid point that most people don't address.  I define any
new scheme as unworkable unless someone can describe the present, albeit
unsatisfactory, arrangements that it offers to replace as a "special case"
of the new scheme for which there is clearly-defined correct handling.

> 4) Does the protocol still keep providing benefit if everybody deploys it?

That depends entirely on the contactual relationships that may exist between
mail-exchanging sites.  Just implementing an authenticating protocol on its
own will NOT help.  There will be a prima-facie need for a selection of
"trust-authorities" who specify what is acceptable for their trusted-senders
to send.  Recipients then get to choose which criteria are closest to their
requirements (including whitelisting if needed on a per-site basis).
> (This is a common problem with SpamAssassin-like content filters - if most
> sites filter phrase "xyz", spammers will learn to not use that phrase).

That goes for any precautions taken - not just content filters.  That is WHY
the contractual relationships are absolutely essential for any new scheme.
And there, too, lies the bulk of the work needed - the technical issues do
not place any great demands on the networking community.

> If you have a *serious* proposal that actually passes all 4 questions
> (in other words, it provides immediate benefit to early adopters, and
> still works when everybody does it), bring it on over to ''.

Heh.  The noise-to-signal level *there* is far worse than in NANOG - by at
least 12dB last time I looked ;-)

Richard Cox

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