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Re: How do I get host records deleted?

  • From: Jonathan Disher
  • Date: Wed Jan 15 10:53:24 2003

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Jeffrey Meltzer wrote:

> I went through this with NetSol a while ago.  It's a pain in the neck, but
> they will get it done, eventually.  First you have to call them and sit on
> hold and get transfered for about 3 days, and get a list of all domains
> which use this nameserver.  Then, you send them a fax on letterhead saying
> that those domains were never authorized to use that nameserver, etc, etc,
> etc.  Eventually, your nameserver will be removed from those domains and you
> can then delete it.  Whole process ended up taking about 2 months for me.

Must be nice.  The entire process took 6+ years for us.

And it's not entirely true that "only your domain registrar has host
records for your domain".  We recently transferred the affected domain
from Netsol to another registry, but Netsol failed to delete the host
record.  Then, when called about it, they first said we had to get the
domain list (which we have requested, literally, about a hundred times
over the years, and never gotten), or, more recently, that it wasn't even
in their database!

Finally it took threats of lawsuits (don't look at me, that wasn't my
idea.  My boss is whacked out, he likes to threaten people like that way
too much for his own good), but it disappeared.

I still think my idea of submitting an IP change for the host record to a
non-useable address (I was leaning towards, but RFC1918 addrs
will work just fine, too) would have been more effective.  But, c'est la


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