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Re: DWDM interconnects

  • From: David Diaz
  • Date: Tue Jan 07 01:43:39 2003

Valdis is being modest. His comment to me offlist shows he has true comedic talent ;-)

Lead? Never heard THAT one before.  But I bet if you tell the salescritters
to pronounce it as in 'Leadership', you could charge extra for it. ;)

The guarentee levels I always used with the DWDM switched network when we looked were: Platium, Gold, Silver and Lead.

Lead means what it sounds like. A best effort service. We were thinking for companies looking at providing offsite backup services, they would want they absolute cheapest pricing. At this level even if THEY did not have an outage occurring event, THEY were volunteering their capacity to protect Platinum or Gold. In other words, even if they were not affected by a fiber cut, we could bump them to protect a higher level service. In return they got ridiculously cheap pricing.

I guess another way to look at it was "we" would be allowing them to ride the "spare" capacity that was there for insurance. IN return they paid very little for it. What else would u call that service level but LEAD....

Lastly, the one issue then would be that you now have the environment for oversubscription of the switched network. We havent seen that at this layer yet. Very scary if not managed correctly.


At 1:08 -0500 1/7/03, wrote:
On Mon, 06 Jan 2003 23:57:29 EST, David Diaz <>  said:

 At this point it's pretty clear that unless you have 1 to 1 spare
 capacity someone is going to have to see an outage.  Prioritizing
 kicks in at this point.  Different service levels (ie Platinum, Gold,
 Lead) kick in.  Most lead customers would likely not be protected at
 this point. But these may be simple backup links for those customers.
Gee thanks Dave.. I now understand why we always get such sucky support
from vendors that care enough about us to not assign us to just any old
account rep, but give us a lead account rep..... ;)

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