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RE: Cogent service

  • From: jlewis
  • Date: Sun Sep 22 23:19:48 2002

On Fri, 20 Sep 2002, Dale Levesque wrote:

> I must agree with everyone else's synopsis. There bandwidth is cheap,
> and connection is reliable. They however do have some congestion issues
> and are not very flexible when it comes to special needs. 

What are these 'special needs' people keep mentioning?  What special needs 
might you have of your transit providers?

Speaking of special...having played around a little with the BGP 
communities supported by C&W and Sprint, I'm wondering which other big 
transit providers (it seems almost a waste to say Tier 1 anymore) support 
community strings that will let you (the customer) cause them to 
selectively prepend route announcements to their peers.

This seems to be a really handy tool for balancing (or at least trying to 
balance) traffic across multiple transit providers without having to 
resort to the sort of all or nothing results you'd get by prepending your 
announcements to the transit provider, or worse, deaggregating your IP 
space for traffic engineering.

AFAIK, Genuity does not have this.  

UUNet has a very rudimentary version which allows you to cause them to do
prepending to all or no non-customer peers.  

Sprint and C&W do it very differently but allow you to select which peers 
to prepend to (though you'll likely have to work with several Sprint 
engineers or get lucky to get it working).

If there are others that support the sort of flexibility of Sprint and 
C&W, and have decent T3 level pricing, I'd like to hear about/from them.

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