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  • From: Feger, James
  • Date: Tue Sep 03 12:24:39 2002

You keep referring to the problem of OSPF causing the outage
for AT&T and unaffected customers.  The AT&T released RFO simply states
that OSPF network statements were removed.  That can happen just as easy
with static routes and BGP network/neighbor statements.

OSPF did what it was instructed to do, just as BGP would have done if it
were told to drop neighbors, or networks.


On Tue, 3 Sep 2002 wrote:

> > Since when is BGP a bug-free protocol? Let's not forget the BGP best
> > path selection algorithm itself is broken (there are circumstances under
> > which it will NEVER converge on a best path see ietf draft on IDR route
> > oscillation). Not to mention the various malformed AS-Path bugs which
> > have shown up over the years. I took a vendor class once where they made
> > us do a lab where we had to run BGP w/o an IGP, in a later revision of
> > the class they removed that lab because they decided it was too much of
> > a nightmare even for a lab environment.
> BGP is not a bug-free protocol.
> BGP is the easiest protocol to *debug* when the problem shows up.
> BGP does not help to accidently affect *unaffected* paths when a problem
> shows up.
> It looks like everyone forgot the reason for this discussion to begin with.
> It is the outage caused by a mistake on a single router that affected parts
> of the network that were *NOT* affected by the original mess.
> Please not that this discussion tends to get restarted whenever we have a
> real OSPF (or ISIS) caused mess.
> Alex

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