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RE: IETF SMTP Working Group Proposal at

  • From: Dave Israel
  • Date: Wed Aug 21 20:14:52 2002

Wow.  I turned my back on this thread to move to my new office,
and it got interesting.

The answer to your quesiton is, the cert itself can do this, if it
includes a unique/semi-unique identifier, such as an SSN, a name and
address, etc.  Many governments give their people some unique
identifier.  You sign up for my service and say you wanna send mail, I
say, "Sure!  Lemmie just check your ID against the revocation list..."


On 8/21/2002 at 15:11:59 -0400, Mark Segal said:
> > It's almost to the point to where mail servers need their own 
> > "registrar", sort of the way domains are tracked now, track 
> > mail servers.  Give mail server admins the option to accept 
> > mail from registered mail servers only or from any mail 
> > server.  Of course there would need to be a ramp up period, 
> > like six months to a year, to make sure all of your mail 
> > servers are registered.  And of course one should only be 
> > able to register mail servers if the IP space is actually 
> > SWIP to them.  If the IP space is NOT SWIP, it would need to 
> > be registered by the customer ISP or via owners rwhois 
> > server.  Just my $.02; for what it's worth.... 
> Really good idea (no sarcasm, I actually like it).. But what stops spammers
> from registering their mail server?..Ie..
> 	1) Get a dsl account
> 	2) Ips get swipped to you
> 	3) Register the server
> 	4) SPAM 
> 	5) Apologize, get a second chance
> 	6) get booted off
> 	7) Call the next ISP with a zero install
> 	8) Rinse and repeat.
> Regards,
> Mark
> --
> Mark Segal
> Director, Data Services
> Futureway Communications Inc.
> Tel: (905)326-1570

Dave Israel
Senior Manager, DNE SE

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