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Hovercraft for deliveries to the fifth floor loading dock (was Re:Your mail)

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Tue Aug 20 18:52:21 2002

On Tue, 20 Aug 2002, Nathan Stratton wrote:
> Correct, I am sorry I think that is my point. There are a lot of things
> that they SHOULD have been doing, but they were not. I am saying they
> spent lots of money on a security image and not on security. They never
> found me using the door and that is a problem, when I let them know about
> their issues they rather shut me up then deal with them.

Obviously their secret plan to shut you up failed :-)

Like commercial ventures, there is a certain amount of fluff and puffery.
Banks still get robbed even with that really, really thick door on the
vault.  Most car commercials have fine print at the bottom saying don't do
this insane thing.  It gives the sales people something to talk about.
Stick your fingers in your ears and ignore the sales person until you
want to talk about discounts.  Any technically savvy person should be
able to do due dilegence and determine if a facility meets his needs.

The question isn't really about security, but how it compares to other
facilities of a similar caliber.  You could drive a tank, but its really
hard to park and gets lousy gas milage.  Comparing a car to a tank isn't
very useful.  Comparing a Volvo to a Saab might provide information to
make an informed choice.

Is Equinix (PAIX, MFN, NOTA, etc) less secure than NORAD?  Yes.
Are there things I wish they did differently? Yes.
Have they ever left a door unlocked? Yes.
Have they ever made a mistake? Yes.

Is Equinix a clean, secure, well-run facility I would trust to house my
equipment?  Yes.
Would I also buy insurance and consider a diverse, back up site for my
equipment? Yes.

Disclosure: I'm an ex-employee of Equinix.

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