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Re: Controlling Spam to the NOC

  • From: Karsten W. Rohrbach
  • Date: Thu Jun 27 12:30:17 2002

Jeff Workman( 16:41:08 +0000:
> Hello,
> Has anybody on this list figured out an effective way to eliminiate, or at 
> least severely limit, the amount of spam that arrives in your NOC?  I am 
> aware of solutions such as Spamassassin, Vipul's Razor, and the various RBL 
> lists, but has anybody used one of these solutions, or anything else, to 
> reduce the amount of spam going into noc@/trouble@/etc mailboxes without 
> severely restricting the rest of the internet's ability to reach the noc 
> via email for legitimate purposes?  Particularly in a NOC where it's quite 
> possible that some of your customers are listed in the RBLs but still need 
> to reach you.

TMDA as per-account or generic delivery filter (depending on your MTA
setup), with a whitelist of known customers (which should be easy to
derive from a CRM backend or customer address database and a few lines
of shell voodoo).


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