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Re: ARIN IP allocation question

  • From: Joseph T. Klein
  • Date: Thu Jun 27 01:04:33 2002

If you can't justify the cost business for a /20 then get a new upstream.
Sales people are attempting to contact you at this moment ...

--On Wednesday, 26 June 2002 22:22 -0600 wrote:

So, after lurking here for about 4 years I actually have a question...

We're a fairly small ISP; we currently have a /24, a /25, and a /28
allocated piecemeal from our upstream's two /19s. (Upstream is Viawest).
Now that we've rolled out DSL we're needing a bit more space - based on
current trends about 200 addresses over the next 6-12 months.

Viawest has just told me that their policy is that customers who go over
a /23 worth of address space must request further space directly from

In other words, we're supposed to call ARIN up and get a private /24 for
this.  We're not multi-homed; we have absolutely no need for a private
/24 instead of a chunk of Viawest's existing space.  We're not growing
rapidly and it's very unlikely we'll more than 4 class C's worth of
address space in the next 4 years.

Questions: can we actually qualify for a /24 from ARIN?  Will all NSPs
accept a private /24 announced from Viawest without us having to track
down each NSP and negotiate with them?  Will the ARIN fee be $2500?
Is refusing to provide small blocks out of their own address space
a common practise for NSPs?

The private /24 issue makes me mildly grouchy due to the whole "global
routing table size" issue, but the $2500/year makes me REALLY grouchy,
especially as that same /24 would cost our upstream about $40/year.

Thanks -
                       -Robert Tarrall.-
                       Unix System/Network Admin
                       E.Central/Neighborhood Link

Joseph T. Klein                                         +1 414 628 3380
Network Guy                                   

   "... the true value of the Internet is its connectedness ..."
                                                -- John W. Stewart III

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