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Re: ATTBI refuses to do reverse DNS?

  • From: Daniel Senie
  • Date: Tue Jun 18 17:50:25 2002

At 05:29 PM 6/18/02, Stephen Griffin wrote:
In the referenced message, Daniel Senie said:
> At 02:30 PM 6/18/02, Lou Katz wrote:
> >Is this common?
> I have a CDPD card which has a fixed address. It's from Verizon Wireless.
> There's no INADDR. There seems to be a lack of understanding and clue all
> around on INADDR, which is the motivation for the above-mentioned draft.
> Having something to point network operators and server operators to would,
> IMO, help.

The lack of clue tends to be on the providing in-addr side of things.
I think it is a great thing to refuse connections from ips without
in-addr, in the same way it is great to refuse mail from domains that
don't provide postmaster addresses.

It is a means through which one can influence the laziness of others.
Simply disregarding what others do, only legitimizes the laziness, and
continues us along the road of everyone doing the absolute minimum.
While I believe people SHOULD be providing INADDR service, the people hurt by refusing connections are rarely the ones who have any influence. Just as Network Address Translation is not a security solution, neither is checking INADDR. Now if you check INADDR over Secure DNS, you might start having some level of information to trust.

Simply accepting the connections seems to be a "path of least resistance"
which befits a pointy-hair more than an engineer.
Well, this engineer also has customers to take care of. Those customers cannot easily influence ATT Broadband or ATT Wireless to do things "right". So, I choose to keep having customers rather than closing down my business over others not having INADDR.

> >--
> >I suppose I could set up a bogus reverse for him, but, feh...
> Either you set up something, or you can make your server not care about
> reverse, or lose the customer.

You neglect to include the option of the customer changing to an ISP
that provides in-addr.
Please explain how a customer changes to another broadband vendor, or another CDPD vendor. Despite your company's presence in a limited number of markets, there are MANY people out there with only one choice (if they're lucky) for broadband. I'd be more likely to lose a customer than get them to change ISPs.
Daniel Senie
Amaranth Networks Inc.

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