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How to make setup backup route for windows server

  • From: william
  • Date: Mon Jun 17 20:54:34 2002

   Hi everyone,

I need advice on how to best impliment backup routing for windows server. 
More particularly I have situation where a new server will be placed 
behind firewall but the server also has 2nd ethernet port which will be 
connected directly to the router (for that port firewall rules are being 
entered directly on cisco router). Firewall connection should be the one 
used for actual traffic unless firewall is down and in that case direct 
route to the server should be used.

The actual ips stay the same (they are on loopback interface on the 
windows server) so what is necessary is for cisco router to know if 
firewall is up and if so route that block of ips throuh the firewall and 
if not, then route it directly to the server through ethernet interface.

Now, the firewall itself is actually linux server with its own set of 
firewall, logging, routing rules, that server is currently not running 
any routing software. The router is cisco 7500 and its setup with BGP 
for internet and EIGRP for intranet routing to other routers on our net.

I'm thinking the best way to do this maybe to run gated on the linux 
firewall server and run OSPF on both linux firewall and router. The other 
problem that still may ned to be solved is default route on windows server
(currently I'm thinkin of justing pointing it to interface connected to 
the router as there would not be any outgoin firewall rules). 

In addition I will in two weeks need to impliment the same scenario with 
solaris  server being behind firewall with backup connection to router, so 
it'd good to find universal soltutions. Any suggestions? How are others 
doing in similar situations?

William Leibzon
Elan Communications Inc. 

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