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Re: PPPOE, MTU, and boom.

  • From: Jeff Mcadams
  • Date: Wed Jul 18 12:17:52 2001

Also sprach Charles Sprickman
>Short version is that you can export a "piece" of the registry as a
>.reg file.  It seems you could go to the section where MTU is set and
>export it, and then simply put a link to the file on your support site.
>Have the user clicky-click on the link and answer "yes" to everything,
>and wham-o.

Problem here being that the piece of the registry that needs to be
modified will change depending on what interfaces there are on the
system, how many interfaces there are on the system, maybe what phase
the moon is in, and probably some other stuff.  Since the entries are
numbered, it could conceivably be dependant on which order the
interfaces get added (ethernet card added later, or dun set up later?).

>A bit off-track, but can anyone using Redback stuff give a quick yes/no
>to this:

>Can the Redback, on a 1483-bridged customer where the pvc is known do
>dhcp based on the pvc the dhcp request comes from?  What other trickery
>does it do if you are dead-set against PPPoE but still need some
>authentication and enforcement of addresses?

Sort of.  It won't send its own DHCP request, but it'll serve as a DHCP
relay agent, and will add the DHCP relay agent options to the
DHCPDISCOVER message...including the relay sub-option for circuit.  This
sub-option could be used in your DHCP server to specify what IP
addresses are assigned to customers (static IP address assignment via
DHCP is possible this way, or dynamically assign them, but limit each
circuit to only getting x number of addresses).

Incidentally, the SMS can use the DHCP info to build its secured-arp
table, and with an SRAM card in it, it can preserve that secured-arp
table between reboots so customers don't have to release then renew to
get their connectivity back if your RedBack reboots for whatever reason.

>Alex - Does VZ do one pvc/customer or group hundreds together on one
>pvc still?

We get one customer per pvc in Lexington (former GTE territory).
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Head Network Administrator              Voice: (502) 966-3848
IgLou Internet Services                        (800) 436-4456

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