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RE: Global BGP - 2001-06-23 - Vendor X's statement...

  • From: Matt Levine
  • Date: Wed Jun 27 13:25:15 2001

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	Agreed, so throw the bad route to the bit bucket and leave the bgp
session open, or at the very least (as others have suggested) give me
an OPTION to do that.  Bad enough we were only operating at 33%
capacity, however, if we only had transit from the 4 that were giving
us the bad route, we would have lost connectivity totally.  While it
would've been really cool to post an outage notification bragging
about our RFC compliance, and how it's everybody elses fault, I
(personally) would have preferred to stay connected to the internet
and not be losing revenue.  Perhaps I just have my priorities wrong.


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Matt Levine
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From: Jim Segrave [] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 5:36 AM
To: Matt Levine
Cc: 'Chance Whaley';
Subject: Re: Global BGP - 2001-06-23 - Vendor X's statement...

On Tue 26 Jun 2001 (15:09 -0400), Matt Levine wrote:
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> What I would like is for my routers to not drop 4 of our 6 transit 
> providers, RFC, standard, not standard, whatever.  We've suggested
> to  our vendor that there atleast be some option to control this,
> we are  not at the core, we are an end user.  When following the
> RFC dictates  that our routing equipment loses connectivity to the
> internet, then I  say that there is a problem.  It's really nice
> that they can say "it's  not a bug, it's a feature", but this is a
> feature I'd at the very  least have the ability to turn off.
> Matt

So you'd prefer to propogate the error to all of your peers, who, in
the interests of interoperability, are standards compliant? 

A bad announcement should be stopped as soon as it's discovered, not
propagated because it's inconvenient to drop the session on someone's

- -- 
Jim Segrave 

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