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Re: BGP instability (was Re: Exodus Down)

  • From: Jeremy Hartman
  • Date: Sun Jun 24 12:12:57 2001

On Sun, 24 Jun 2001, mike harrison wrote:

it may be wise first to investigate intent, then comment upon reality.
that mailing list simply would not exist if exodus (speficically BENGI)
did not want to disseminate information to it's customers/peers/concerned
parties.  please keep in mind that as a publicly traded company (no
flames, please) it is wise to take steps so that things such as simple
engineering tickets do not show up in a news article somewhere; rather,
said news reporter should/would have to wait for the official statement
after the lawyers have chopped it to pieces.


> > > seen, when there is a lack of good information, people will make up
> > > stories to fit.
> >
> > I could not agree more.
> >
> > From a PR/damage control standpoint, I guess I can understand the
> > reasoning behind tagging all Exodus outage notifications with the
> > words "CONFIDENTIAL" and "NDA" in big bold letters.  And it's quite
> This attitude hurts us all, spreading FUD all over the place.
> Everyone has a bad minute/hour/day/... its what you do
> and how you act when it happens that makes a real difference.
> Sure, Exodus is worried about their reputation as THE anal
> retentive always up over-redundant data center. Feces occurs.
> If you tell people "it's broke an the A-Team is working on it"
> they say "these guys have their stuff together". If you hide
> behind NDA's and fear of letting people know you are having
> a catastrophic failure then they decide you are clueless
> and wonder how bad it really is.
> Oh well.. I hope Freshmeat/Slashdot/Andover have a better day today.
> When one of our major customers is having this bad of a day, we
> at least try to point to traffic to a junk server with a 'It's broke
> and we are working on it' page and we're just a bunch of geek
> wannabe's in Chattanooga. --Mike--

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