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RE: IP Addresses for collocation

  • From: Krzysztof Adamski
  • Date: Thu Jun 21 22:11:16 2001

If you can get your hands on a portable /24 from the swamp, you will not
need to speak BGP with your colo provider. Simply have it in your contract
that they will advertise the /24 for you, and route it to your port on the
switch/router. Any colo provider that would refuse to advertise a portable
/24 for a customer is not worth bothering with.

How to get your hands on a portable /24 is left as an exercise to the
reader :-)

BTW how much would you be willing to pay for a /24?


On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Hire, Ejay wrote:

> Yes and no.  Can you half-drown yourself at the watering hole?
> If you (BGP) peer with the ISP(s) at the Colo facility, then you can
> advertise your Ip space and it will work at any facility.  The bad news is
> that if you advertised Provider A's Ip space, and then go to a colo not
> served by Provider A, they will (rightly) want their Ip's back.  If your Ip
> requirements were large enough to justify "Provider independent" space, then
> it would be portable everywhere.
> Good Luck,
> Ejay
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mark J. Scheller []
> Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2001 4:15 PM
> To: 
> Subject: IP Addresses for colocation
> Hello NANOG,
> I'm in the process of evaluating whether to transition away from
> self-hosting
> web servers to have them hosted at a colocation facility.  The obvious
> advantages being greater capacities for bandwidth, power, cooling, and oh
> yes,
> proper methods of putting out a fire (instead of drowning the servers in
> water
> if they so much as overheat).
> The concern I have is this:  if we decide a few months down the road that we
> don't like this particular colocation facility and wish to move to another
> one
> across the street, I'd have to renumber all of my hosts.  Is it possible to
> go
> to any colocation facility with a block of IP addresses in hand and use
> them?
> I'm talking about a /24 here, so I cannot request the addresses directly
> from
> ARIN, rather I need to get them from some other source.  I attempted to get
> them from our current bandwidth provider, but they seem to be a little taken
> aback by my request for a block of addresses that will not be routed by them
> -- in fact, while writing this they called to tell me they will not provide
> IP
> space unless they route to it.
> Is there a better way to get a /24 that can "go anywhere"?  Or should I just
> justify a /24 at the colocation facility and go through the same process
> should we decide to change?  Is there a way to buy a routable /24?
> Thanks in advance for any advice, on or off list.  I will summarize unless
> the
> answer is "you're crazy, such things aren't possible" in which case I'll be
> off drowning my sorrows at a nearby watering hole.
> Mark J. Scheller (

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