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RE: MBone access

  • From: Bill Nickless
  • Date: Wed Mar 28 17:34:08 2001


At 07:30 PM 3/27/2001 -0500, Martin, Christian wrote:

>One of the things that appears to be a major impediment to large-scale
>deployment is the lack of SA transitivity, which is limited by MSDP's RPF
>rules.  Therefore, the Internet needs a dense mesh of MSDP peerings to allow
>any-to-any connectivity.  As of now, this is not the case.  SSM will fix

Two responses, not mutually exclusive:

  - The Internet already has a "dense mesh" of BGP peerings.  All the
    pieces are in place from the major router vendors to turn on
    MSDP and PIM-SM at the same places; it seems to me that it's just
    a matter of doing it.

  - Come on over to the IETF MSDP working group.  In Minneapolis I
    presented an I-D that would avoid the RPF rules.  However, in the
    MSDP working group there is very strong resistance to dropping the RPF
    rules, because then you can't build an "MSDP traceroute".

    My personal response to that is something along the lines of 'there
    is no "DNS traceroute" but DNS works just fine anyway, and you just
    use other mechanisms to debug it.'

    It was agreed in Minneapolis that building an RPF-free MSDP would
    be deferred until the current MSDP reaches standard status, and then
    we would build MSDPv2 without RPF rules if we thought it was needed.

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