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RE: Multiple Roots are "a good thing" - Karl Auerbach

  • From: Roeland Meyer
  • Date: Mon Mar 19 19:36:12 2001

> From: Miles Fidelman []
> Sent: Monday, March 19, 2001 3:14 PM
> On Mon, 19 Mar 2001, Shawn McMahon wrote:
> > > If you don't want to read, you don't have to.  A lot of 
> us do feel that
> > > this has operational impact, and will continue to discuss 
> the topic long
> > > after its death.  
> > 
> > I suppose Susan could kick half of the list's members out, 
> if she think's
> > that's productive.
> Haven't we all repeated the various positions to death? I 
> don't think any
> minds are going to change at this point. Susan has a point, 
> let's drop it
> - or at least take it to a venue where some policy might 
> really be made
> (like the various DNSO lists).

I sort of agree with Susan. DOMAIN-POLICY is the place to be, or the ICANN
lists, for matters of policy and legitimacy. Contrary to some beliefs, those
are not technical issues.

The point that's made here is that most of these issues were covered years
ago, on many of those other lists. I mentioned earlier that opinions
expressed here were reminiscent of DOMAIN-POLICY, circa 3-years ago. The
reason this is true is that many of you have NOT been keeping up with the
changing issues and the moving consensus.

The fact that many of NANOG felt sandbagged by the play, may be
explained by a sad case of denial and failing to follow the issues on those
other lists. I've been expecting such a play since the November ICANN meet.

Y'all may ridicule me all you want, but the sad fact remains that if y'all
don't get involved you have not much room to complain, when the fecal
material impacts the rotating blades. At that time, about all that you can
do is duck and avoid the bigger pieces. IOW, it'll be too late. Poking your
collective heads in the NANOG sands will not make these issues go away. BTW,
the ORSC has been working the technical side for over three years. 


Let's take this over to the DOMAIN-POLICY lists, I'll see y'all there.

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