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RE: I've just tried's plugin. Don't.

  • From: Simon Higgs
  • Date: Fri Mar 16 23:32:47 2001

At 10:03 AM 3/16/01 -0500, Charles Scott wrote:

Frankly, that kind of approach sets me
off pretty quick and my natural reaction is to get in their face and
become a roadblock. Still, if I was one of the few selected ones
benifitting from this rollout, I'd be working to see it succeed
also. Could that be why we see what appears to be competing opinions on
this topic?
I'm going to answer that as I'm probably one of those competing opinions. Einar Stefferud (ORSC Chairman) and myself (I have no personal stake in either Verisign or had a good long conversation with today. have a business plan and are just doing what all the other .COMs are doing - trying to make a living as fast and quickly as the next. They are an incubator company within IdeaLab. They don't even have their own dedicated office space yet, they pool resources (conference rooms/copiers) with the other IdeaLab companies. They do know how register domain names and how to contact the media and government. They are not so good at juggling breakable objects.

The Internet works on the principles of cooperation and this is the driving force behind ORSC. The basic premise of ORSC is an idea - of how trust and cooperation functions on the Internet regardless of any financial consideration or marketing budget. It helps to have money, but ORSC has existed without it since 1997. The ORSC root contains women-owned small businesses and giant multi-nationals side-by-side. As a result, it's an idea that can't be killed just by pulling the plug on the funding., on the other hand, will last as long as there is money in the bank.

As far as the ORSC goes, there is no financial incentive or kickback to ORSC. It is possible that TLD managers recognized by the ORSC root may enter into relationships with, just like they do with Verisign or Tucows or their local pizza delivery service or upstream provider (let's not go there!). I'm not aware of any such relationships but wouldn't be surprised if they happened as a result of ironing out the TLD collisions.

Unfortunately, the most interesting remark I found was one describing Bill Gross, the founder of IdeaLab. Somebody mentioned about him "having an idea and funding it without thought for the real world consequences". So yes, what have done was not thought through as carefully as it might have been. Chalk it up to experience. Y'all can now say "we told you so".

If carry on without thought for the consequences, I'm sure they will become as popular as the other defunct IdeaLab ventures. If they choose to cooperate with the rest of the community, avoid the TLD naming conflicts somehow (we're trying to find some common ground to make this a reality), and stop making big waves into your routers and help desks then there has been some positive progress.

Best Regards,

Simon Higgs

It's a feature not a bug...

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