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RE: I've just tried's plugin. Don't.

  • From: David Schwartz
  • Date: Thu Mar 15 20:04:49 2001

> On Thu, 15 Mar 2001, David Schwartz wrote:
> > 	Did you know that you can choose which nameservers you use?
> > And you can
> > continue to use the same nameservers no matter what provider you use.
> Why do nanog threads always repeat themselves fifty times before they die?

	Because people don't read what other people write.

> Not wishing to repeat myself either but..
> Why is choice so important to you?

	Who said it was? I'm just saying that it's unreasonable for you to complain
about me having a choice.

> OK, I just created Wilcox's law of customer support..
> this states that for every choice you give users the number of potential
> problems increases proportianally.

	Then don't give your users the choice. See, no problem.

> You give them different operating systems, different browsers, different
> providers now you give them different DNS roots..
> You just doubled the number of ways in which a (dumb) home user can break
> their systems and get all confused over why when they just installed the
> new Opal Internet software all the web pages they are used to using are
> different...

	Then don't give your customers that choice. Nobody is forcing you to.

> simple to me, you and everyone on this list, but to a (dumb) home user
> thats 15 minutes to explain the problem, 15 minutes to discuss the details
> of the DNS system and 15 minutes to once again explain how this affects
> them because they dont understand a word you are saying and cant
> understand why typing in now resolves to a porn site!
> Following me so far? Sure, you are free to choose, very good have the
> "land of the free" feeling of excitement. But I'm suggesting its a really
> bad thing to make this decision for people who are not going to understand
> this and cause all of us nice people problems.

	If giving your customers a choice causes you a headache, then don't give
them a choice. If you are selling them unfiltered Internet access, then give
them that. If you give them flat-rate support, then give them that. If you
don't support some services, then don't.


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