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RE: I've just tried's plugin. Don't.

  • From: Stephen J. Wilcox
  • Date: Thu Mar 15 18:32:53 2001

On Thu, 15 Mar 2001, David Schwartz wrote:

> 	Did you know that you can choose which nameservers you use? And you can
> continue to use the same nameservers no matter what provider you use.

Why do nanog threads always repeat themselves fifty times before they die?

Not wishing to repeat myself either but..

Why is choice so important to you?

OK, I just created Wilcox's law of customer support.. 

this states that for every choice you give users the number of potential
problems increases proportianally.

You give them different operating systems, different browsers, different
providers now you give them different DNS roots.. 

You just doubled the number of ways in which a (dumb) home user can break
their systems and get all confused over why when they just installed the
new Opal Internet software all the web pages they are used to using are

simple to me, you and everyone on this list, but to a (dumb) home user
thats 15 minutes to explain the problem, 15 minutes to discuss the details
of the DNS system and 15 minutes to once again explain how this affects
them because they dont understand a word you are saying and cant
understand why typing in now resolves to a porn site!

Following me so far? Sure, you are free to choose, very good have the
"land of the free" feeling of excitement. But I'm suggesting its a really
bad thing to make this decision for people who are not going to understand
this and cause all of us nice people problems.

Anyway, its all fake.. its just adding a new dns search domain and hyping
it up in order to take advantage of people's stupidity who think they are
paying you for a domain name when in fact theyre paying for a subdomain
worth zip tiddley nothin!


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