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Re: yet another dns namespace overlay play

  • From: William Allen Simpson
  • Date: Tue Mar 06 18:08:58 2001


Patrick Greenwell wrote:
> On Tue, 6 Mar 2001, Paul A Vixie wrote:
> > ICANN's prospective failure is evidently in the mind of the beholder.
> Besides producing a UDRP that allows trademark interests to convienently
> reverse-hijack domains 

Awhile back, somebody made a similar accusation.  So, I spent the 
better part of a weekend reviewing a selection of UDRP decisions.  
Quite frankly, I didn't find a single one that seemed badly reasoned.  

Could someone point to a "reverse-hijacked" domain decision?

> and the selection of a handful of lackluster
> TLDs from a pool of applicants 

Here, I will agree.  My observation is that they chose lackluster 
TLDs to avoid controversy on this, the first introduction of new 
TLDs in a dozen years.  

More will be forthcoming as operational experience is gained.  And 
that's our area of expertise -- operational -- isn't it?

> paying a non-refundable 50k fee in a

The fee was always (and I'm going back to IETF, IAHC, and various 
other discussions) expected to be non-refundable.  Pay as you go.  
Nobody else pays for your cost to operate.  Very libertarian.  

Apparently, you've never optioned property....  Or supplied a 
performance bond.

> completely arbitrary and capricious process, 

Really?  In the legal sense?  What proof do you offer?

> perhaps you could point to
> some of the many successes of ICANN as an organization?

The public participation around the world has far outstripped anything 
I'd ever expected.  On that basis alone, it's a success.

Yes, I wish that things were moving faster.  I wish that the fully 
envisioned board had been selected.  I wish that there was more 
sunshine.  But, I realise that not every citizen on the planet has 
the same adversarial bent in their civilization, and that some even 
consider collegial closed meetings more civilized!

We've added some good people in the elections, and I have high hopes.

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