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Re: Beer and Gear surprise

  • From: Lucy E. Lynch
  • Date: Wed Feb 21 19:58:07 2001

On Wed, 21 Feb 2001, Randy Bush wrote:

> let them eat cake

the OED on matters of taste -

(the subject being boxer shorts and those damned "IP everywhere" t-shirts)

"taste, n.1
8. a. The sense of what is appropriate, harmonious, or beautiful; esp.
discernment and appreciation of the beautiful in nature or art; spec. the
faculty of perceiving and enjoying what is excellent in art, literature,
and the like.

1694 CONGREVE Double Dealer I. ii, No, no, hang him, he has no Taste.

b. Style or manner exhibiting ęsthetic discernment; good or bad ęsthetic
quality; the style or manner favoured in any age or country.

tasteless, a.
4. Devoid of good taste; of persons, lacking in discrimination, or in
critical discernment and appreciation; of things, showing want of good

1676 G. ETHEREGE Man of Mode III. ii, Nature..puts sophisticate dulness
often on the tasteless multitude for true wit and good-humour.

3. Absence or want of ęsthetic discernment.

1825 Blackw. Mag. XVIII. 240 Others assign it to the nonchalance and
tastelessness of managers"


Need I mention that I wear neither boxer shorts nor t-shirts and the
number of tasteful give aways is always pretty small (although I have to
say Aviva's Juniper shirt was nice).

Seems like the lure at beer & gear should be the chance to talk to an
engineer instead of some marketing droid and I thought the beer was the
bally -

Lucy E. Lynch 				Academic User Services
Computing Center			University of Oregon		(541) 346-1774
Cell: (541) 912-7998

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