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Re: Network for Sale

  • From: John Fraizer
  • Date: Tue Feb 20 03:26:48 2001

On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, Jay wrote:

> It would seem you _REALLY_ get off on screwing with anyone that does not
> think the same way you do. If you would like to carry-on a flame war with
> me, why don't we take it off list.

Not worth the time.  You're not a marketing type.  Just an
engineer/investor who got screwed by giving marketing too much latitude.

> > Let me guess.  IRIS doesn't run on the 75xx or 120xx?
> No, it doesn't. It does, however, fully integrate with BGP4-enabled
> routers -- Cisco, Juniper, Lucent, Nortel, Foundry, Riverstone, etc...

So, nothing new eh?

> > It's real easy when you have ENGINEER types holding the purse.  You don't
> Four of the five founders of Opnix (including myself) are "engineer
> types."

You obviously didn't have your marketing monkeys pass your marketing
hype through the "reality filter."  Had you done so, we wouldn't be having
this discussion.

> > let the Marketing Types release BULLSHIT to the word.  If/When they do,
> > you fire their dumb %$$es.  It's that simple.  They have released
> It seems someone with a marketing degree must have pissed in your
> Cheerio's or something. Like any other group of people, there are both
> good and bad within the group. Like I said, engineering and marketing
> usually don't mix well. We all know that. We get plenty of opportunities
> to flame marketing and sales people for SPAM on lists -- we probably don't
> need to put any more effort into it. :)
> Again, if you want to have a flame-war, let's take it off-list.
> ~Jay

Jay, It is very amusing that you take this personally and wish to take
things off-list.  IMHO, if your product is truely as revolutionary to
networking as your marketing monkeys would have the "know nots" believe,
any discussion of it will be truely on-topic for NANOG and in will in-fact
become a MUST-READ for anyone who wishes to survive in the new networking
world that your company has created.

If you have nothing more than marketing hype to give us, shut up.  This is
an informational list.  We don't give a rats behind about pipe-dreams and
"we wish it were a standard" protocols.  We run _REAL_ networks.  Nets run
on "proprietary" protocols are _BY_DEFINITION_ islands and as such, NOT
part of the global internet.

Trademark, copyright, have your dog leave his scent on the source/roadmap
of your "proprietary protocol" but until you release it to the GP so we
can critique it, you're nothing more than a rainmaker to me.

John Fraizer
EnterZone, Inc

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