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North American Network Operators Group

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RE: Systemic problems at Verizon

  • From: M. David Leonard
  • Date: Sat Feb 17 12:15:29 2001

	Here at ShaysNet (Greenfield, MA) our experience matches Richard 
Welty's.  NYNEX/BA/Verizon can't get ISDN working properly.  Hell, last 
month they managed to screw up 8 PRIs into UMass/Amherst from a 5ESS 
switch on Fearing St. four blocks away.  Seems the Lowell Switch 
Operations Group performed a load of new code for the switch in the 
middle of the day without informing any co staff.  I heard that co techs 
were telling digital techs that their test gear _had_ to be defective.  
Yeah, right.

	On this subject, how common is it for an ILEC to have one group 
modifying a switch load without informimg the co techs?  Does this happen 
all the time?  Don't they have _any_ monitoring capability?

					David Leonard

On Sat, 17 Feb 2001, deeann mikula wrote:

> On Sat, 17 Feb 2001, Richard Welty wrote:
> >
> > Steve Sobol <>
> >
> > > I've never, ever had trouble with Ameritech ISDN,
> >
> > ISDN, now there's a technology that NYNEX/Bell Atlantic/Verizon
> > has never been able to get right in the Northeast. Never, never,
> > never, never, never. there are rumors of working ISDN in some
> whoa.  my experience is completely the oposite.  (in BA/verizon
> country, in pittsburgh PA.)
> i love my dedicated ISDN clients!  we have about 15 or so still left,
> and their connections are rock solid!  in my 3 years of managing the
> dedicated access customers, i've probably dealt with less than 10
> instances of real trouble with those lines.  (ie: not solved by
> resynching the isdn routers, but requiring calling in a bell tech.)
> well, except for when we switched a few ISDN customers to adelphia...
> deeann m.m. mikula
> director of operations
> telerama public access internet
> 1.877.688.3200

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