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BGP deployment and peering questions

  • From: Pyda Srisuresh
  • Date: Tue Feb 13 16:07:25 2001


I have a couple of questions concerning BGP deployment. I would
appreciate any feedback from folks knowledged in the deployment. 
Thanks very much. 

1. What is the maximum no. of peers a core-BGP peers with externally?
   What is a good average or median number? How does this vary with
   Tier-1 BGP speakers vs. Tier-2 BGP speakers? Also, What is an 
   average no. of peers a BGP border router multi-homes with? (Do not
   include Border routers with a single ISP peer - only the multi-homed
   border routers)

2. I understand, an AS by itself does not originate more than 
   10,000 (UUnet being the one with this many) subnets. But, 
   I believe, when you peer with a tier-1 ISP BGP speaker, you 
   will get AS Paths for the entire 90,000+ routes (or whatever 
   the maximum core routing tabel size is) exchanged at BGP
   connection setup time. On the other hand, I believe, the number
   of routes exchanged to be much less when you peer with a tier-2 BGP. 
   What is a resonable average size of routing entries you could 
   expect from a tier-2 ISP (and even a Tier-1 ISP, for that matter)?

3. Do yo have an estimate of memory requirements for some of the core
   routers (peering with tier-1 ISPs or tier-2 ISPs)? Is there a 
   relation with the number of BGP peers?




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