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RE: Reasons why BIND isn't being upgraded

  • From: Jeff Workman
  • Date: Wed Feb 07 01:59:07 2001

Stoned koala bears drooled eucalyptus spit in awe as Roeland Meyer exclaimed:

> > Will these 141 organizations many of whose business relies on BIND be
> > eligible for your fee-based list? Do they consitute providers
> > of "critical
> > infrastructure" in your eyes?
> Considering that they have a positive revenue model (vs TLD registries that
> don't, or have negative revenue models) I would suggest that they pay for it
> and help support ISC/BIND.

I don't think that he was referring to paying for the support/bug reports,
I think he was referring to the ISC limiting who *can* pay for this

I disagree with this policy of making this "service" limited to only
certain individuals/groups.  Take me, for example, Mr.
Joe-running-one-domain-on-a-VAX-and-a-compaq-486.  Being the security
conscious individual I am, what if *I* wanted to pay ISC for this
"enhanced service?"  I doubt it, because the ISC doesn't feel that my
"business" is "important" enough to the internet to be "worthy" of this
"enhanced service" for any amount of money.

I don't blame ISC for charging for support, just like Allman and friends
do with  But make it available to everybody who wants to
pay, for christ's sake.

My guess is now that the ISC is doing this, a lot of grey-hats will be
releasing their exploits to the hacker world instead of sending them to
Paul and the ISC.  I don't blame them, I would do the same.


Jeff Workman 			<>

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