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Re: "Simple" Multi-Homing ? (was Re: CIDR Report)

  • From: Todd Sandor
  • Date: Tue May 16 08:04:35 2000

Let me summarize and ask this in a different way - the goal is to provide stability to end-users
availability (HA)] and it requires cooperation between network service providers [a shorter
with a little spin to make the question fall within the charter of Nanog :-)]...The question is

When customer in one location is using a multi-homed setup to two providers A and B, with A
being the primary (using one of the primary's /24s they've loaned to the customer) and B being
secondary (advertising B with a longer AS_path - simple case that uses default routes).  When the

customers link to A fails, will the /24  that needs to be globably visible via B (a
non-aggregate IP
address for B) NOT be globably visible because of the BGP filtering policies of some  other
somewhere, say C ?

[I think I know the answer - which  is "it will NOT be globally visible,  but it depends ... e.g.
who A and B is,
etc.." but this is not the answer customer's want...They want a viable/reliable solution and I'm
not sure how you
go about providing it?  [if  its not possible, I'm stating the obvious, but this is a  problem
that is only going to get bigger
as more /24 types  want/require redundant links...i.e. It an operational issue, No?...]...

Todd Sandor wrote:

> Gee, just when I thought I got the required answers to my "simple" multi-homing questions
> ....

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