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Re: Host for NANOG 14 & modified NANOG Business Model (fwd)

  • From: John M. Brown
  • Date: Tue Jun 30 18:29:38 1998

At 04:53 PM 6/30/98 -0500, James Rishaw wrote:
>Jared Mauch wrote:
>> 	The one thing you're probally forgetting is hotel costs.
>> 	Rent enough space in a hotel to fit 500 people in.
>Not that expensive.. especially when you tell them most of these 500 people
>will be renting rooms there.

So then you would be willing to bay around $180+ per room/nite?
Trust me not everyone stays at the hotel.  Many are working on tight
budgets and have to stay at places that run around 60 to 90 per nite.
If your stay/nites don't hit a magic number then they don't discount
the meeting space.

>> 	You can't bring outside food into there, you need to use
>> the hotel food.  (Or you can, but not in large quantities), unless
>> you're going to bus everyone somewhere else.
>You can.  Just gotta negotiate :)

BTDTGT  (Been There Done That, Got the T-Shirt)

Understand that a Hotel makes a LARGE portion of their $$ on establishments
or food and booze.  You can get discounts on meals and such, but if you
give in one area you may have to take in another area.

>> 	I'd be interested in seeing the numbers also, but not in a
>> "where the hell are you spending my money" sort of fashion.  these
>> things have costs, how many hotel people were there to be our slaves?
>> quite a few.
>OK, 15 slaves @ $10/hr * 16 hours (2x8) = $2400, or $4.80 per attendee.

Is that $10 loaded including medical, dental, workers comp?  
By the way how much do you charge your customers to come out and setup
there network, or better yet fix it.  I mean you pay your tech's what,
20 or 30 per hour, I'd bet you charge more like 60 to 100 per hour :)

Bad example on your part.

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