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Re: RBL Update (Re: Lets go vixie!! rbl)

  • From: Derek Balling
  • Date: Fri Jun 19 01:42:13 1998

At 07:34 PM 6/17/98 -0400, you wrote:
>On Tue, Jun 16, 1998 at 12:51:07PM -0500, Derek Balling wrote:
>> >I think that logic's faulty, too, Dean.  The interim provider certainly
>> >has right of control over it's own equipment; if the provider feels
>> >that spam and such are impeding it's ability to provide such service,
>> >it is certainly within it's rights to fix the problem.  If it's
>> >customers don't like this, it's certainly not impossible for it to move
>> >to another provider.
>> I would have to agree with this, but I would say that the caveat is that
>> the ISP should notify the customer (somewhere, anywhere) that they use the
>> RBL (or at least that the ISP reserves the right to block domains and/or
>> hosts from connecting/sending to the mail server). It can be in the fine
>> print of the multi-page AUP that the customer gets shoved under their nose,
>> but it should be in there. 
>The agreement Paul Vixie makes RBL users sign states that EXPLICITLY.
>You are not allowed to use the RBL unless you disclose such use fully to
>your customers and/or downstreams.

"Makes"... makes how?  I simply enabled it in my sendmail configs and ran
with it. Didn't even SEE where it mentioned that I *HAD* to go agree to

Now granted, in my case, its on my personal mail server and doesn't affect
anyone anyways, but there needs to be more emphasis placed on this. A lot
of people will know what the RBL is, and enable it in Sendmail, and it will
work, and they won't have even visited Paul's site to read "the rules of
the game" so to speak.

Dunno what the solution is, but I can see a somewhat real problem here.


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