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Re: WorldNIC

  • From: Adrian Chadd
  • Date: Tue Jun 09 16:43:55 1998

Michael Dillon writes:
>On Tue, 9 Jun 1998, Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
>> How does providing different top level domains for different categories
>> of organizations "violate the laws of physics", Michael?
>It tries to confine objects to a single state whereas physics teaches that
>the universe cannot be so neatly sliced and diced.
>Of course, I could have simply asked the question that needs to be asked,
>namely: why would anyone want a name to include a category anyway?
>Your name, Jay Ashworth, gives no clue as to your education, your
>training, your profession, your age, your race, your height. Why should an
>Internet domain name be any different? The DNS needs to be hierarchical so
>that a query can trace a path from the root of the DNS to find the IP
>address belonging to a name. But why should the branches in the hierarchy
>mean anything in particular in any given human language? Some people would
>like to restrict .com to COMMON usage, .org to ORGASMIC providers and .net
>to CLEAN content (net is French for clean), but I personally don't give a
>damn and prefer a more diverse and chaotic system of naming.

Ahh but you're wrong..

Ashworth is his family identifier. It gives him a possible relationship with
other "Ashworth"s in existance.

Chaotic and diverse naming is fine as long as you have a rather nice way
of indexing it all.

But.. we don't.
(And don't joke about search engines..)

FOr example. Wouldn't it make more logical sense if there existed a domain
'' with which movies were registered under? Saves stuff like or whatever it is since Titanic is taken.
And it means that there can be a rather logical choice to start a search of
your favourite movie's official web presence.

What about looking for a car? GOing online shopping? Finding pr0n? (oh wait,
thats one thing search engines are good for..)

With the sheer amount of information on the internet today there really needs
to be a decent distributed indexing system for all of it. DNS could have been
it if it were maintained a little more thoughtfully from the beginning.

My 2c.. (I think its 0.7c in the US..)


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