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Re: Network collapses

  • From: Michael Dillon
  • Date: Mon Jun 08 12:04:15 1998

On Mon, 8 Jun 1998, Alex P. Rudnev wrote:

> Sorry. There is a difference. If some company fail out of the funds, it 
> should be selled to someone who can cover this loss of funds. For 
> example, should buy the values of the It buy the 
> links, the fibers, the buildings. But should it buy the address space? 
> Who can answer it?

When I said "buy the assets" I meant that they would buy the operating
network which includes all the equipment, circuit contracts, buildings and
building leases, office furniture, employees, etc. Since the network is
still operating, i.e. it is moving packets, they would need to continue
using the same IP addresses in order to continue operating the network
without disruption.

> But I can't buy ISP withouth local registry, domain names, etc etc... And 
> I am not sure if any attorney in the world understand what's is this - 
> domain names, address space, local registry AS numbers.

They will understand enough if the buyer tells them that without the
domain names, IP addresses, etc, they cannot sell an operational network
but only some used equipment. The added value comes from the fact that it
is a complete package.

When a company gets into financial trouble, the court appoints a trustee
who sells of everything for the best price they can get. The end result is
that they want the company to have nothing but debts and money. Then they
can divide up the money to the creditors in proportion to how much money
is owed and pay out all the debts for some number of cents on the dollar.
The trustee is responsible for getting the best price when they sell the
assets and I'm sure that lots of the employees and customers of the
company will point out that if they keep the network operating without
interruption then they will get more money for the assets.

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