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Discussion Communities: Merit Network Email List Archives

From Network Security to Merit Joint Technical Staff Issues, Discussion Communities Keep You Up-to-date

Merit maintains email lists for a wide variety of audiences. These include informative lists about Merit, general interest discussion groups, and national/international discussion groups.

General Interest Lists

General interests listservs are open lists. Anyone can join, and all members can post.

Event Announcements

  The Event-Announcements archive contains news related to Merit Network's Professional Learning events. You can receive the latest updates by subscribing to the mailing list.

The Network Security Special Interest Group

  The Network Security Special Interest Group archive is intended to provide a forum to discuss technologies, processes, procedures, etc., relating to network security and traffic analysis. You can view the latest updates by subscribing to the mailing list or by using the RSS feed.

Get the most recent Network Security Special Interest Group mail archive updates as an RSS feed
Network Security Special Interest Group RSS information.

IT Developments

  IT Developments is now available as a blog. The blog provides information on new developments or advancements related to information technology, computers, and the Internet. You can receive the latest updates by subscribing to an IT Developments Blog mailing list or an RSS feed at the IT Developments Blog web site.

Merit Member-Only Archives

The archives for the following Discussion Communities are available through the Member Portal:

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Limited Access Lists
To join any of the following listservs, please contact your Member Services Support Team.
  • mjts

  • mn-network-events

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