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Merit Network provides hosted applications and hosted infrastructure services to Internet2 and InCommon members outside of Michigan through the Internet2 NET+ services program. Other organizations may purchase services directly from Merit. Our Internet2 NET+ services are:
  • The MeritMail Collaboration Suite, powered by Zimbra, is a full collaboration suite that includes email, calendaring, and document sharing—all accessible from a dynamic web interface. MeritList Manager can help organizations maintain e-mail lists.

  • Merit Cloud Storage provides low-cost remote backup and archive storage, customized to meet your requirements.

  • Merit VirtualDataCenters provide a cost-effective to increase your organization's computing power without investing in hardware. Customize and create virtual servers as many virtual servers as needed to maximize your computing power while minimizing costs.

For more details, please contact us about Internet2 NET+ Services.

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Connecting Michigan to Internet2

Internet2 is a consortium of over 200 universities formed to develop and deploy the advanced network applications and technologies required for tomorrow's education and research institutions. Merit is Michigan's only connection to Internet2. In this role, Merit provides access in Michigan to Internet2's national high-speed research and education network backbone.

Merit was one of the first state education networks to receive designation as an Internet2 Sponsored Educational Group Participant (SEGP). Through this program, Merit serves as a conduit to Internet2's many working groups and initiatives for Michigan institutions. While several Michigan universities are Internet2 members, Merit provides access to its eligible Member institutions via the SEGP program.

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Through involvement in the advanced networking community, researchers and educators are using advanced technologies to enable collaboration among people and interactive access to information and resources in ways not possible on today's Internet. This community of collaboration traverses disciplinary and institutional boundaries to advance the frontiers of high-performance networking in service of research and education. The arts and humanities, health sciences, and sciences and engineering are just some of the discipline areas where the advanced networking community are opening new frontiers in discovery, research, and collaboration.

Michigan organizations participating in Internet2 are listed here. If you are interested in participating in Internet2 or have questions related to Internet2, please use our Internet2 Contact Form.


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