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From hospitals to government agencies, large universities with massive computing power to small nonprofits with a handful of devices – anyone can become the target of a cyber crime.

More than 70% of all data breaches go undetected, and it takes an organization an average of 200 days to notice the crime. Cyber attacks are growing exponentially in both frequency and sophistication. Protect your organization with Merit Security Services. We offer a suite of services to protect your network, your data and your reputation.

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Merit Community CISO services will help you assess your attack surface, identify weaknesses, develop security strategies that significantly minimize your chance of a data breach and provide guidance on regulatory compliance and reporting, all without the expense of hiring a full-time Security Officer.

DDOS Protection Service can protect you from sustained, volumetric DDoS attacks—keeping your services available and your internet connectivity running without interruption.

Merit Managed Firewall hardware and software solutions work together to block unauthorized access to your network and keep vital data safe as the first line of cyber defense.

DUO Security confirms the identity of users before they connect to your applications – with the push of a button. The service works by providing two-factor authentication pushes to your users’ mobile devices.

Merit Professional Development offers several cybersecurity certification courses throughout the year, providing you with an education experience based upon the National Institute of Standards and Technology National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.  In addition, we offer workshops, tabletop exercises, end user training and custom workplace programs to develop your workforce.

SCOPE is a cybersecurity Community of Practice that focuses on pressing issues and problem solving strategies relevant to cybersecurity professionals.