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Merit Network, with its deep expertise in advanced networking, and over 700 connections to Michigan’s community anchor, government, and non-profit institutions, is in a unique position to catalyze unserved communities towards achieving broadband access. The Quello Center is affiliated with the Department of Media and Information in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University.  Researchers at the Center have a track record of examining broadband access to develop solutions that can help overcome digital divides. They also bring a rigorous understanding of data collection and survey methods to this project.

The Michigan Moonshot endeavour encompasses a three-phased approach to addressing connectivity issues in our state.

Phase One: Access and Availability Data Collection

  • Develop a citizen scientist crowdsourcing approach to assess the “homework gap” at a more granular level
  • Share information statewide and become active nationally

Phase Two: Infrastructure Build Out

  • Foster public/private partnerships
  • Establish unbiased community connectivity teams to provide expertise
  • Seek and support planning grants and one-time construction subsidies

Phase 3: Societal Impact Studies