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Microsoft Says the FCC ‘Overstates’ Broadband Availability in the US

You can’t fix a problem you don’t understand, and America has no idea just how…

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Speedtest Comparison: Ookla, NDT, NetFlix, HTML, iPerf

If you have a few years’ experience in network troubleshooting, you know that when you…

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Read the American Broadband Initiative February Milestones Report

This report outlines a vision for how the Federal Government can increase broadband access and…

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Getting broadband to the ‘last mile’ a goal with no clear path

People broadly support the concept of “last mile” internet connections, which would help digital have-nots…

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NTIA Partners with 8 States on Improvements to Broadband Availability Map

The NTIA is collaborating with 8 states to improve broadband access maps and help policy…

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Michigan Lame Duck Legislature: Lip Service on Rural Broadband Investment

“Big cable and telecom lobbyists managed to locate a legislative vehicle for the components of…

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The Government is Using the Wrong Data to Make Crucial Decisions About the Internet

The U.S. government is currently using inaccurate broadband data to make crucial decisions about internet…

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We Need a National Rural Broadband Plan

A federal rural telecommunications access plan is needed to address the underserved rural communities lacking…

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Access to high-speed internet in America is leading to a digital divide

Michigan’s digital divide affects more than 360,000 homes, leading to socioeconomic barriers that limit opportunities…

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