Cybersecurity Services
From hospitals to government agencies, universities with massive computing power to non-profits with just a handful of desktop computers and a public website — anyone can be a target of cyber crime.
To combat the mounting threat of cyber attacks that all modern organizations face, Merit offers a suite of cybersecurity services focused on keeping your networks, your data, and even your reputation secure.
By leveraging Merit’s renowned Michigan Cyber Range, Members and non-Members alike can train and test staff for cybersecurity proficiencies using hands-on exercises in Alphaville. Utilizes the Secure Sandbox, take a cybersecurity certification course and much more.

DDoS Protection
Keep Your Services & Reputation Safe From Attack
Everyday, your website and related devices are at risk of attack from hundreds of thousands of compromised connected devices working collectively toward a singular goal – to take your organization offline.
Merit’s DDoS Protection Service can safeguard your organization against sustained, volumetric DDoS attacks by proactively monitoring your traffic and taking appropriate mitigation action — keeping your services available, your reputation untarnished and your internet connectivity up and running.
Secure Sandbox
Teach, Test, & Train in an Isolated World.
Secure Sandbox provides you with a flexible, secure environment that can be used for cybersecurity education, training exercises, and software testing. Located in a virtual cloud, the Secure Sandbox simulates a real-world networked environment with virtual machines that act as web servers, mail servers, and other types of machines. You can add preconfigured virtual machines or build your own virtual machines. Access to the Sandbox is provided through a web browser or VMware’s View client from any location.

Secure Sandbox is ideal for use by an instructor or school for cybersecurity training. It can come fully stocked with tools and targets, allowing for a full range of security exploration in a safe, secure environment. Access to the Sandbox is controlled completely by the instructor, who can create and administer course material.

Your organization can run your own red team-blue team cybersecurity excercise by using the Alphaville cybersecurity training environment in the Secure Sandbox. Alphaville is a simulation environment that features computing resources that are typically found at a city hall, police station, power plant, library, and school.

Since the Secure Sandbox is isolated and not connected to the Internet or other production networks, it is ideal for for testing against live security threats, such as malware, viruses, rootkits and more. It is perfect for testing software vulnerabilities and capabilities.

Check Out This Webinar to Learn More About the Merit Secure Sandbox

Alphaville Exercises
Practice Your Offense & Defense, Virtually
Alphaville, created by the Michigan Cyber Range, is a virtual training environment specifically designed to test cyber security skills. Alphaville consists of information systems and networks that are found in a typical information ecosystem. Each location has different operating systems, different security priorities, and different challenges for participants to encounter and overcome.
Alphaville is more than a collection of networks. It also presents the opportunity for participants to see how information systems in a community are truly interconnected. As participants navigate through the heterogeneous networks, they find that information discovered at one location can be used to gain access or elevate privileges at another site.

Bring your IT staff to compete as the Blue Team and defend Alphaville from a Red Team of hackers intent on disrupting communications, stealing critical information or intellectual property, and causing mayhem for political reasons. These exercises create a demanding atmosphere that stresses team communication and documentation in addition to individual skills.

Under the pressure of a timed free-for-all, teams need to penetrate systems, plant their flag, secure the system, and move on. Teams can attack each other, replacing one flag with an opponent’s. The team with the most flags left planted when time is called wins the day.

Alphaville is also an excellent venue for Capture the Flag exercises. Individual participants use penetration testing and forensic skills to gather clues and collect evidence. A self-paced exercise, the CTF is a means to assess individual skills across a broad range of systems and challenges.

Cybersecurity Certifications
Prepare for the Worst. Learn from the Best.
The Michigan Cyber Range provides students and IT professionals with a solid foundation in a number of cybersecurity disciplines. Through hands-on learning and challenging coursework, students gain technical knowledge and experience that prepares them through challenging hands-on exercises and labs. Each course prepares you for real-life situations and for the related certification test.
Cyber World Institute is a division of The Learning Center (TLC), a 30 year IT and cybersecurity certification training company partnered with CompTIA, Microsoft, ISC2 (Cybersecurity) and others.
Don’t see what you need on the calendar? Merit provides customized cybersecurity training. Contact to design the perfect learning solution for your organization.

Based on NICE Framework
The Michigan Cyber Range provides a cybersecurity education experience based upon the National Institute of Standards and Technology National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE). The NICE framework organizes the skills that America’s cybersecurity workforce requires to support the National Preparedness Goals of detecting, mitigating, and defeating malicious actors and cyber-based threats.

Merit Community CISO
In Cyber Security, Risk Doesn’t Lead to Reward
Does your budget limit your ability to hire high-level cyber security personnel? Does your organization handle personal private information? Do you employ systems dedicated to enumerating and auditing your network devices? Are you subject to regulations that require testing of your network security?
Merit Community CISO services will help you address these questions by assessing your attack surface, identifying weaknesses, developing security strategies that significantly minimize your chance of a data breach and providing guidance on regulatory compliance and reporting, all without the expense of hiring a full-time Security Officer.
Cyber Range Hub
Be the Cybersecurity Resource for Your Community
Your organization can become a Cyber Range Hub—a direct extension of the Michigan Cyber Range. A Cyber Range Hub is a facility that provides certification courses, cybersecurity training exercises and product/software testing. A Hub is a place where a community can learn about IT security, helping individuals prepare for a career in cybersecurity and providing economic development.
The Michigan Cyber Range is recognized in Michigan and beyond as a leader in cybersecurity training. Your Cyber Range Hub can be a regional asset and a respected provider of cybersecurity education.

A Cyber Range Hub is a place where IT professionals and students can obtain cybersecurity certifications to further their careers. There are over 20 different certifications available through the Michigan Cyber Range‘s curriculum providers.
IT professionals acquire valuable cybersecurity knowledge and hands-on experience at a Cyber Range Hub.
IT professionals can test their skills and expertise during cybersecurity exercises within the Michigan Cyber Range’s Alphaville training environment.
A Cyber Range Hub has a secure, dedicated connection to the Michigan Cyber Range’s infrastructure and Alphaville environment.

A Cyber Range Hub is a place where businesses can conduct security reviews and validation checks on software and cybersecurity products.

Organizations can lease virtual space within a secure sandbox that’s stocked with hardware and software.

The location will be a focal point in its community, enabling job and economic development.

Cybersecurity personnel are in high demand, and a Cyber Range Hub can help to educate IT professionals interested in pursuing a cybersecurity career.

Download the Cyber Range Hub brochure:

Managed Firewall
Screen Your Traffic Without the Burden of Support
Developed by AT&T, Managed Firewall provides a robust layer of security to help proactively protect your location’s perimeter. Managed Firewall keeps unwanted traffic out of your network and your vital data safe.
As a managed service, all hardware and software components, their configuration, installation, management, maintenance, monitoring and support is handled by AT&T security professionals. And once your firewall is in place, AT&T provides 24x7x365 monitoring and alert response.

Fully Managed End-to-End Solution
Reduce the complexity associated with managing your IP network firewall.

Customize Security Policies
Defined levels of security for users and applications.

Industry Leading Technology
Proven and reliable hardware and software.

Stateful inspection
DMZ and Extranet support on most models.

Multiple VPN Connectvity Options
Available including client-to-site and site-to-site.

Risk Monitoring
Enterprise Security Score – Predicting & Measuring Risk
Developed by FICO, Enterprise Security Score provides a detailed understanding of your cybersecurity risk posture, using information that reflects the risk surface that it is projecting to the global Internet. This includes metrics that not only capture an instantaneous snapshot of these elements but also their temporal trends.
At its core, Enterprise Security Score relies on the FICO Global Reputation System Platform, which is the broadest and most comprehensive collection of enterprise reputational information. Enterprise Security Score helps organizations quickly understand their security risk posture from a holistic perspective and prioritize its responses. This tool can tackle one of the most challenging problems in cybersecurity, the measurement of cyber risk and the development of metrics that are useful in managing risk.

Locates Active Threats
Tracks the most security-critical features of your network to find vulnerabilities.

Measures Reputation
Provides convenient data-as-a-service access to raw reputational elements.

Global Routing Instability
Identifies weaknessess and vulnerabilities in you network.

Updates Continuously
All datasets are continuously updated on daily, weekly or monthly schedules.

Compares Your Score
Compares your data’s evolution over time with comparisons to industry averages.

Provides A Network Overview
Provides a series of metrics that summarize your network reputation. It uses millions of individual reports to build a comprehensive view, including historical malicious activities.

Receive Customized Alerts
Proactive in nature, Enterprise Security Score provides customized alerts when events occur.

Check Out This Webinar to Learn More About the Enterprise Security Score (formerly Signet Scope) Risk Analysis platform
For more specifics about Enterprise Security Score:

Duo Security
Two-Factor Authentication
Duo Security’s authentication platform is the next generation of access security. It starts with a robust platform capable of providing secure access to any user, to any application, on any device over any network.

Duo integrates with VPNs, cloud apps, on-premise apps and more to allow you to quickly and easily set up your security solutions. With Duo’s APIs, you can also integrate security into your existing custom environments.

Phishing Assessment Tool
Over 60% of data breaches are due to stolen, weak or default credentials, and a simple phishing campaign is extremely likely to succeed. Duo’s Insight is a free online tool that allows you to put your organization test in under 5 minutes! Insight delivers an easy-to-read report to help administrators communicate the results to security and IT leadership & can be used to help educate your staff on how to identify and report a phishing attempt. Put your staff, faculty, volunteers or students to the test today!

Duo integrates with VPNs, cloud apps, on-premise apps and more to allow you to quickly and easily set up your security solutions. With Duo’s APIs, you can also integrate security into your existing custom environments.



By leveraging a device that your users already carry around – their smartphone – security is much more simple.

Support Every User
Users can authenticate even when they’re offline. Users can also have multiple devices, and choose their preferred method during login.

Streamline Your User Logins
With Duo Security’s trusted devices and networks feature, you can allow a user’s computer to be considered trusted after initially authenticating.

Protect Enterprise Web-Based Apps
Cut back on your access-related support costs and reduce administrative workload.

Map Out Authentication
See who and where your users are authenticating from in real-time.

Automatic Updates
Duo follows an agile development cycle, releasing updates in hours and days.

Smarter Design
Duo Push is out-of-band two-factor authentication, delivered over a different communication channel than the primary authentication.


Michigan ID
Single Sign On Across All Your Platforms
Michigan ID provides a framework based on federated identity that enables organizations to provide access to shared resources, applications and content. This framework utilizes Merit’s trusted and secure infrastructure. Michigan ID is a value-added service for Members with a dedicated connection to Merit’s network backbone.
Single Sign On (SSO) for your organization
One password that grants you access to all your organization’s platforms.

Share Resources
Share access to mission critical resources and content across many organizations.

Reduce Costs
Cut back on your access-related support costs and reduce administrative workload.

Data Security
Using Merit’s trusted, secure infrastructure, your personal data is protected while eliminating redundant security principals for every organizational relationship.

How does it work?
  • Active Directory / LDAP Integration means control remains with Member organization.
  • Merit can provide Hosted Authentication, creating and hosting an Identity Provider on behalf of the Member for a small annual fee.
  • Merit facilitates the relationship between Service Providers and Identity Providers.
  • Uses SAML, an open standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between security domains, or between an Identity Provider and a Security Provider.
  • Merit Professional Services are available for organizations needing assistance in bringing up an Identity Provider on their own.

SSL Licensing
Comodo Certificates – A Hallmark of Trust
Comodo Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates are the quickest and most cost effective way for organizations to protect online transactions, and Merit Software Licensing Service can provide Comodo licenses to our Members at a reduced rate.
Comodo’s ’Point-to-verify’ technology verifies your organization’s credentials in real time, and 2048 bit signatures and up to 256 encryption provide the highest possible levels of security for your site visitors. With Comodo SSL your site will employ the highest security levels and take advantage of additional tools that win customer trust.

Highest Possible Encryption Levels
Your site or server is secured with full 128/256 bit encryption, 2048 bit signatures, and verifies your business credentials in real time for every visitor.

Integrated Everywhere
Comodo’s root certificates are embedded in all major browsers and devices.

Industry Leading Expert Support
First class technical support for any issues or questions you may have during any part of the application, installation or life-cycle of your SSL Certificate.

Highest Possible Encryption Levels
Comodo SSL certificates are trusted by 99.9% of the Internet population.

Custom Solutions
Put Our Expertise to Work for Your Organization!
Merit staff has considerable expertise that is available to our Members on an individual consulting basis. Merit staff can provides help to Members for planning, designing, and implementing technology projects and systems. This can be especially helpful for Member organizations that lack in-house IT personnel.
Contact us at or call 734.527.5785 to discuss your project with a member of the Merit Sales Team.

Network Security
Merit can provide port scans amd system assesments to improve the security of your network.

Secure Network Engineering
We are experts in network engineering. Merit can help design, install and securely configure your local area or wide area networks.

Secure Traffic Optimization
Merit is available to assist you with networking questions, help you in understanding your traffic patterns, and securely optimize your network connections.

Merit offers virtualization service packages that include software implementation and hands-on training.