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Network, share resources, and develop best practices with your industry peers through Merit collaboration opportunities. Our community features hundreds of organizations and a diverse group of experts and professionals. Merit values community and discourse, and we provide our Members with several avenues to collaborate both in-person and online.

Groups are small and local – in Ann Arbor and other communities throughout Michigan. This provides the opportunity to build relationships and to seek advice from peers multiple times per year. Many Communities of Practice offer remote distance attendance, as well.

Conferenceroom Working

Merit Advisory Council (MAC): The MAC facilitates meetings of Merit’s non-governing Members to discuss services and provide direct feedback to Merit’s staff and board of directors.

The Michigan Information Technology Executive (MITE) Forum: MITE enables tech leaders in Michigan to discuss best practices, share ideas and collaborate on tech-related issues.

The Security Community of Practicing Experts (SCOPE): This group brings together security leaders to discuss cybersecurity topics, policies and roadmaps.

Michigan Networking Directors (MiND) Community of Practice: MiND brings together networking and technology professionals to collaborate on emerging technologies and to address current networking issues, concerns and successes with other skilled network engineers, directors and technicians.

Gathering Academics on Michigan Esports (GAME) Community of Practice: The Esports community of practice brings together peers to discuss the emerging Esports landscape, how members are getting started and the larger societal impact.

The Merit Commons: The Merit Commons: Commons is Merit’s social portal that provides a social media platform with public and private threads for online discussion.

The Merit Member Conference: This and other Merit events are the perfect opportunity to network with your peers.