Cloud & Communications Services
Merit provides several technology tools for connecting with your students and staff. We work together with distinctive, reliable providers to solve Members’ collaboration challenges throughout their institutions. Merit offers video & media streaming services, discounted software licensing, voice over internet phone services, and a portal solution perfect for higher education.

Software Licensing
Discounted VMware, Veeam and Zimbra Licensing for Members
Merit has negotiated licensing agreements with software providers to better serve and support our Members. Software licensing is a contract of agreement between a software publisher and an end user of the licensed application. Merit Software Licensing Service can provide these licenses to Members at a reduced rate. Achieve your organizational goals with the latest licenses from top brands. Merit offers licenses from VMware, Zimbra and Veeam at special reduced rates for Merit Members only.

Additional software licensing services, such as Comodo SSL Certificates, can be found in the Cybersecurity Services catalog.

Veeam Software provides innovative applications for virtual infrastructure management and data protection for both VMware and Hyper-V environments. Merit offers its Members discounted pricing on Veeam Software products. Select Merit as your preferred provider.

Licenses are available for the following Veeam products:
  • Veeam Backup and Replication with vPower: Standard, Enterprise, Standard Cloud and Enterprise Cloud Editions
  • Veeam ONE
  • Veeam Smart Plugins
    (VMware only)
  • Veeam Management Packs
    (VMware only)

Zimbra Collaboration is an open, secure collaboration tool for email, calendaring, tasks and more. Merit can provide your organization with discounts on Zimbra’s product line including both professional and standard licensing.

The Quilt | VMware Contract


The Quilt is the non-profit national coalition represented by 36 of our country’s most advanced regional research and education networks. Participants in The Quilt provide advanced network services and applications to over 250 universities and thousands of other educational institutions. Through an agreement with Carahsoft and VMware, The Quilt has successfully leveraged its collective buying power for discounts on various VMware licenses and services by securing a convenience contract for its members and their communities.

Program Features:

  • The Quilt contract is pre-negotiated, allowing customers the ability to purchase VMware products quickly and easily as all procurement rules and requirements have been met and done for them.
  • The Quilt contract has the best pricing structure for Education Customers outside of ELA’s, that require large upfront purchase commitments.
  • The Quilt | VMware contract is a cooperative agreement and is therefore not protestable under the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA) allowing institutions to avoid the costly and time consuming RFP process during procurement as it has already been completed by The Quilt.
  • The ease of procurement is in addition to the value added by partnering with Carahsoft.
  • No upfront purchasing commitment

Eligibility & Requirements of Service:

Merit Membership is required to take advantage of this pre-negotiated contract. The Quilt | VMware contract is available to the entire Merit Community. The Quilt has established advantageous discounts for VMware products and services, which allows academic, healthcare, and state and local government access to this convenience contract. In addition to software license discounts, VMware has extended discounts on items such as Support and Subscription Services (SnS), Renewals, Managed Services, Training, and Professional services.

Product Discount(s):

  • Software Licenses
  • Support (SnS)
  • Training
  • Professional Services

Pricing, Terms & Conditions:

This program offers up to 18% off list price. In order to receive pricing, please contact Carahsoft for The Quilt | VMware Consortium Pricing. If you do not have a preferred reseller, Carahsoft can help you partner with one of VMware’s Top Solution Providers. The contract number is MSA-05022016F.


General questions about purchasing under The Quilt | VMware contract can be directed to your Merit Member Engagement Manager, or more specific questions may be answered by the Carahsoft 24/7 support line (888-662-2724) established to assist Reseller Partners and VMware customers.

To obtain additional online information on The Quilt | VMware contract, please refer to the following links:
The Quilt | VMware Contract
VMware Convenience Pricing Program

The Reliable Voice over IP (VoIP) Solution
MeritVoice is an IP phone service that’s perfect for any size organization. VoIP service involves sending voice information in digital form in discrete packets rather than by using the traditional circuit-committed protocols. The major advantage of VoIP is the cost savings, with users avoiding tolls charged by ordinary telephone service. Using Merit’s advanced fiber-optic network, MeritVoice delivers a secure converged communications solution, integrating voice and data over your IP network. MeritVoice is a secure, reliable voice over IP solution that can lower your phone costs.

Select a Merit hosted PBX, SIP Trunking or let us create a custom hybrid solution for your organization.

MeritVoice is E-Rate eligible.

Local and Long Distance Calling

Enterprise-class features, allowing for local calling throughout Michigan and long distance calling worldwide.

Maximum Reliability

Features fault tolerance and pinpoint E911 compliance. Interconnects directly to our voice provider networks for enhanced performance.

Detailed Call Reporting

Easily access your phone service features from a web browser.

Individual Phone Numbers for All Users

With each users’ line being fully 800-number capable.

Unlimited Local and Intra-LATA Calling

Per-minute toll charges usually apply to these calls.

If you have an existing PBX, Voice offers low-cost, high-feature SIP trunking that can replace/supplement costly PRI and analog lines.

If your PBX is at “end-of-life”, Voice Hosted PBX provides an alternative to PBX replacement, a cloud-based service requiring no capital expense and no maintenance costs and headaches.

Academica ESP
The Higher Ed Portal, Powered by the New Web
Developed by Wayne State University, Academica ESP is an enterprise social portal that enhances and fosters collaboration beyond traditional portal features. A single sign-on communication solution for higher education, created by higher education.

This tool brings your campus together via two-way, real-time collaboration, an essential function for any 21st century portal. Academica ESP’s message streams function like Facebook or Twitter, allowing open conversation between students, faculty and staff. Organic and dynamic message stream creation unleashes the full potential of campus communication.

Fosters Real-Time Communication

Two-way interactions via modern social networking message streaming techniques.

View Only Information Relevant to You

Content is driven by user role, interests and common behaviors.

Engage Students Early, Often and After

Freshman and incoming students can begin communicating before stepping foot on campus. Connections remain long after graduation.

Your Information is Secure

Secure IPSec tunnel ensures information privacy for all users.

Integrates with ERP Systems

Bring together students, faculty and staff in one platform.

Auto Scaling

Academica is built on an elastic platform that auto scales during peak usage. You only pay for what you use!

For further specifics about the Academica ESP platform:

Custom Solutions
Put Our Expertise to Work for Your Organization!
Merit staff has considerable expertise that is available to our Members on an individual consulting basis. Merit staff can provides help to Members for planning, designing, and implementing technology projects and systems. This can be especially helpful for Member organizations that lack in-house IT personnel.

Contact us at [email protected] or call 734.527.5785 to discuss your project with a member of the Merit Sales Team.

Secure Traffic Optimization
Merit is available to assist you with networking questions, help you in understanding your traffic patterns, and securely optimize your network connections.

Secure Network Engineering
We are experts in network engineering. Merit can help design, install and securely configure your local area or wide area networks.

Network Security
Merit can provide port scans amd system assesments to improve the security of your network.

Merit offers virtualization service packages that include software implementation and hands-on training.