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Service Road Maps Now Available on Merit Member Portal

Merit Network introduces a new feature, Merit Service Road Maps, inside the Member Portal that allows all current Members to view detailed progress reports regarding new Merit services in production or development. The Service Road Maps web site is located at:

Service Road Maps display the status of each Merit service in a quarterly chart, based on five stages of development: in development, beta, pilot, production, and discontinued. Each stage is color-coded for easy reference, and Members can access more detailed information by simply clicking on a service’s status.

Merit values and appreciates the suggestions and contributions of its Members towards the success of its services. Merit takes suggestions for new services and improvements to existing services from its membership and uses that information to provide a superior level of service to its Members. During the pilot and beta stages of the service development cycle, Members can choose to actively participate and aid the creation of a service through user testing and by providing valuable feedback.

Using the new Service Road Maps, all Merit Members can track the progress of a new service and contact Merit Services directly at [email protected] at any point to provide input or inquire about the service for their organization.

Services that are currently in production are available for purchase and are also displayed in the quarterly chart. Links to service web sites are provided with the detailed description, allowing for easy access to more information about an existing service.